Interior Design Kitchen
“I appreciate CabitDesign’s professional approach to each job – regardless of the complexity – and their presentation of the project to my client. Their input has been invaluable and the installation services complete. Their ability to produce renderings when needed is an added plus.”
Judy Holland
Greiwe Interior Design
Cincinnati, OH
We at CabitDesign recognize your importance in the design industry. We can be there to help support you from preliminary designs and selections all the way through completion of the project. Our design team can work side-by-side with you or independently.
We are capable of assisting you with preliminary plans, accurate measuring, selections, detailed drawings, ordering, delivery and overseeing installation. We can be involved in the process to the degree you and your client desire.
You will find our many years of experience and meticulous attention to detail to be a great asset to your presentation and sale. Our perseverance to assist you with design dilemmas and our willingness to research the possibilities is second to none.
Whether your client is building or remodeling, CabitDesign will accommodate virtually any request. The craftsmanship and quality of our products will truly stand the test of time.
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